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Brief History


Sunset Baptist Church was founded as a mission church of First Baptist Killeen in the Fall of 1954. The first service was held on October 17, 1954 at the Avenue D Elementary School. Sunset Baptist was officially organized on April 22, 1956 with 23 members. From 1956-57 the church was able to purchase the land the church currently sits on. The current sanctuary was completed in the early 1960's and has been the main gathering space for corporate worship ever since. 

History of the Name

There is no theological significance to the name Sunset or New Sunset. Sunset Acres was the name of the neighborhood when the church was established. Thus, the name made sense. Sunset Baptist became New Sunset Baptist Church in 2004 and a year later, in 2005, was changed to New Sunset Community Church.


Homer Alexander              Fall 1954-June 1955

Bobby Ellis                         June 1955-January 1957

Marvin Kemp                     February 1957-June 1958

U.S. Lucky                          June 1958-September 1959  (First Full Time Pastor)

Alnie E. Skipper                December 1959-December 1961

Amos L. Bone                    February 1962-March 1963

N.B. Moon                         March 1963-June 1963 (Interim)

Robert B. Mathis               June 1963-June 1966

N.B. Moon                         June 1966-August 1966 (Interim)

Walter Cowling                  August 1966-July 1968

Earnest L. Deaver              September 1968-July 1971

Leonard Burton                 August 1971-July 1983

Art Sinclair                         July 1983-November 1983

Tony Garcia                        December 1983-November 1986

Gary Tompkins                   November 1986-January 1988

Charles Wolcott                 January 1988-1996

Chris Kuton                        August 1996-1998 (Interim)

John Duke                         1998-2001

Phil Sibley                           August 2001-July 2002

Duane Redding                 Fall 2002-December 2003 (Interim)

George Robertson            January 2004-February 2005

Duane Redding                 March 2005-August 2005 (Interim)

James Delgado                 August 2005-December 2005

Duane Redding                 January 2006-April 2009 (Interim and Pastor)

Ed Talley                             May 2009-August 2021

Les Williams                       September 2021-Present             

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