Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

Home Fire Preparedness CampaignHome Fire Preparedness Campaign

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This event is set for January 28, 2017 at New Sunset.  We are partnering with the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has been running a Home Fire Preparedness Campaign since 2014.  The Home Fire Preparedness Campaign aims to save lives, reduce injuries and build more resilient communities through raising  awareness, facilitate preventative actions and foster community participation.  The national goal is a 25% reduction in home fire deaths and injuries in the next five years. 

A big part of this campaign is installing smoke alarms, at no charge, in the homes of people who either do not have any smoke alarms or their smoke alarms are over 10 years old. While the smoke alarms are being mounted, another volunteer educates the residents on disaster preparedness. In order to be successful, it is key to partner with neighborhood leaders.  I believe that the congregation of the New Sunset Community Church are exactly that. 

The American Red Cross supplies the smoke alarms and all the educational material.  We will not be asking the partner organization to make any purchases to support this effort.  We want to have two shifts, one from 8 AM to Noon and the second from 1 – 4 PM.  Any person who volunteers to help out, are more than welcome to eat lunch that we will provide.  

The day would look something like this:

          8 AM    Brief the volunteers on how to conduct the smoke alarm installations and a general overview of the event

o   Divide the volunteers into four person teams. Hopefully we can put someone from your congregation on each team.  This will help the others who may not be familiar with the neighborhood

o   Issue the supplies and maps of each teams’ assigned area

          9 AMo   Release the volunteer teams to their assigned areas

o   An American Red Cross vehicle will roam the area with extra smoke alarms in case a team needs more

          Noono   Return to the church for lunch

o    The afternoon shift will run through the same routine and for people who sign up for the whole day, they can skip the briefing and head straight out.

Link to sign up and serve at this event

Please take the time to watch the following videos

o   Canvassing and Home Visit Safety Training Video (YouTube: 6mins)

o   Smoke Alarm Installer Training Video (YouTube: 5mins)

o   Disaster Safety Educator Training Video (YouTube: 6mins)

o   Documenter and Reporter Training Video (YouTube: 4mins)